...so I'll float till I learn to swim...

Running with the dogs tonight I had the oddest thought as I listened to this song: Jesus is a shadow. Every other metaphor and simile doesn't quite fit for me, but for some reason, that one works very well. And as Peter Pan pointed out, we can't pin down a shadow. Well, we can't unless we have a needle, some thread, a can-do attitude, and a chipper song.

I really hate how inadequate my words are. I have these super eloquent pronouncements in my head (Christ is a shadow) and when I put them into English it reminds me of a gorilla communicating with sign language: sure, Koko can tell us she's thirsty but for chrissakes she still flings poo at her friends.

Anyway, I was thinking about the old JC because I'm really wanting to write a story about a fraudulent children's author whose target audience is Christian youth. But I don't know how to end (or start) it for that matter. Danielle thinks I should have SOME kind of redemption-she says she needs to have it-but I'm not sure that it all ends that way. It seems to me that the ending to it all is more of a whimper than a bang, but what do I know, I'm just a fraudulent author....oh, wait.

School ended today with a whimper. I go back tomorrow to check out and do all of that stuff that ensures I am sufficiently annoyed. Because I'm sure that's the main point of it all.

I still don't have a job for the summer. (Note to future self reading this: If you are smiling, keep smiling because it must have worked out. If you are dismayed, sorry how the future ended up but you can only blame yourself. If you are frowning, you must have gotten in a terrible accident that doesn't allow your face muscles to relax because frowning for this long normally causes great discomfort. If the accident was your fault, just remember: It wasn't your fault.)

Well, time to try and beat GTA IV. Tell all the kids.