Here I go again on my own

Yeehaw. I'm back in class, I hit the glass.

I just took a Sumner final on Church and Society. It went well, but I can never tell what that translates too. Probably a nice hit in the mouth.

Got back from Mexico on Friday. It went pretty well. Wayne and I were rockstars on stage and made a lot of good connections with some kids. There are a lot of screwed up people out there, though, and the church misses a lot of them. Meth, weed, alcohol, all of it, these kids are doing it at 13 and 14. But we assume that their biggest problem is that they need more worship or memorization of Bible verses. No, what these kids need is to be loved, but love with a capital L. They need to know Love.

Just a thought. Time to learn...


I could sing of your love forever

I'm in Mexico now. In an internet cafe. The title is from a song people are singing in camp. I don't like the song.

I haven't posted in a while. Work was crazy and I didn't have class for awhile, so I didn't post. Life is okay. MySpace is a threat to our youngsters.

Time for a nap or something. So long stinktown.