I walk it out, I walk it out...

Let me recreate the scene:

58 year old male (father-in-law) is recovering from brain surgery he had earlier this morning to remove a tumor from his temporal lobe. Me, my wife, and her brother all decide to hang out with him for a few hours this afternoon. Patient decides that he needs to walk around a little. After much maneuvering (with the IV pole, a gown that is ill-fitting, and his propensity for falling), we get to the end of the hallway that has a big picture window. Patient decides to "stretch a little." With his front to the window, he proceeds to put his left leg onto the hand rail, spreading the back of his gown wide open while he continues to stretch his leg. The nurses at the station shriek in disgust as the patient's open gown, coupled with lack of undergarments, display full anatomical features. I start giggling a little, my dear wife starts trying to pull her father's gown shut, and patient decides to fart. Three times. Loudly and without abandon. I start crying with laughter, the nurses retreat, my wife retreats, the patient continues stretching until he is satisfied, and we all work our way back to his room to continue the recovery process. All in all, a good day.