This is the end, my only friend, the end

I told you all that it didn't matter whether or not I turned the lights off or not. Now scientists say that global warming can't be stopped.

Global warming is irreversible, study says

So long polar bears!


Everything is changing and I still feel the same

So my dog blew out his knee. Like the equivalent of what would be an ACL in a human. So we probably have to get surgery on it. Which is silly, because he's just a dog but then again, maybe he'll call 911 when we're having seizures and save our lives. You never can tell what man's best friend is going to do.

Also, I'm in nursing school now. I quit my job in December and have decided to pursue a career in the medical field. It was a huge step and I'm glad I did it but of course, it's a distinct difference from working full time. I started January 5th. So far, it's been good. Tomorrow I have to read a bazillion pages and then take notes on them and then memorize a buttload of terms. In case it was unknown, a buttload is the medical term for approximately 35.

Honestly, life is good. I feel like things are coming together and I have some kind of direction in my life and also, all my dark colored clothes are clean so what else do I need?

More later, if the pen is willing.


Cuz it's 187 on a ...

A math problem: SJS versus 6 ft, 200 lb, 30 year old PCP user = 8 stitches and one tazed suspect


That hunger is a lack of cat food

Forget the homeless, save Gilbert's cats.