It was an honest mistake

It's the last night of class. I'm talking about masturbation. I wish I was home, not because I'm ashamed to talk about masturbation in front of conservative people (though it might be fun and I'll be disappointed if no one challenges my thoughts), no, I wish I was home because I'm over this class and these people.

I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I was trying to listen to public radio and a report on Iraq or some such nonsense when a crappy Christian song started interferring with the reception. It went something like this:

"In Iraq today, 25 people were killed when a car bomb exploded in a LORD YOU ARE EVERYTHING I NEED AND I WANT TO reactions were mixed, and though no group claimed responsibility THE WATER I NEED, THE PLACE I CAN GO TO LOVE and to date, the deadliest attack in the Basra region WHENEVER I CALL TO YOU."

It is so like Christians to think that their worship is more valid than the ills of the world. I know it wasn't intentional, but if our only response to pain and suffering is a clanging gong or resounding symbol. It's crappy. I don't like it.

I'm reading Hunter S. Thompson right now. He's a badass. I think I want to be like him, except for the killing oneself. I can recognize that it was the only way out for him and that his character demanded it, but for catssake, that boy can write! I finished a Bukowski book earlier this month too and I just right now as I'm sitting here recognize that these men experienced first and wrote what they felt. It makes sense; both of them wrote in about the same period of time and I wonder if it's an American phenomenon (Hemingway, et al). Probably not, but what can you do?

I don't know if my faith is mine.



You can't raise a baby on motor oil

It's been interesting.

I think I'm running out of seratonin. I've been sleeping a lot. And I just found out tonight that I have to write a bunch for my class. I think I'll write about masturbation. Or having In God We Trust on money. I know I wrote about that before, but it would be nice to reuse my other stats. I'm just afraid its too vague a topic.

Danielle is working a lot. The World Cup is going on. Wayne and I are going to watch the U.S. play the Czech Republic that I Tivo'd tomorrow. Bad English. Tomorrow, Wayne and I are going to watch a private airing of the U.S. vs Czech Republic World Cup Game that originally aired today at 9 am. And I'm going to drink beer and cook polish dogs.

I really don't want to write these papers. It seems like overkill. Hate the man, serve the man.



It's been a long December and there's reason to believe...

It's a slow night in class.

I'm trying to write a paper on masturbation. It would seem that from an ethical standpoint the Bible is nice and vague on it, while there are people on both sides of the issue on this side of AD. All that to say, I'm afraid that most of my paper will be concessions and the rest will be vauge. What a way to live.

There is not a lot else going on with me. Danielle is in school two nights a week and sometimes working three days a week. The pay is nice?

I really like summer. I really don't like working in the summer. I need to teach during the school year and get summer's off. Done and done.

I tried to get Radiohead tickets but it sold out in about 15 seconds. Rat bastards. And I heard Thom Yorke is releasing a solo album in July. Hope it's better than Billy Corgan's.

There's a great lady in our class whose name is Marva. She brings in her laptop, powercord, powerstrip, and A PRINTER to class each week about 20 minutes late, boots up with volume high, and never turns off her sound. It is hilarious. One time, her phone rang 3 different times with volume high and she didn't turn it off. At one point, she pulled it out and looked at it and THEN PUT IT RIGHT BACK. Lovely. I would love to have a camera follow her around all day. She is a character.

Speaking of characters, I didn't call Mom and Dad this weekend. Everytime I do, they seem to want to talk about Stephen. Rabble rousers? Who can say. But I'd still cuss Stephen out if I had the chance. Just because...

Peace everywhere.