Sister Christian, you're the only one

It is with an inflated sense of purpose that I write this evening and for that, I apologize. You see, something has been bothering me lately. And by something, I mean everything. [No wait, much too morose, you've got to seem chipper, man, like a gd chipmunk.] Never mind that, everything is fine, just fine, and just you wait and see what I've got lined up for you tomorrow....

Again, inflated sense of purpose.

School is going well. Today that kids seemed like they learned, which, oddly enough, is always a surprise. They were attentive, they paid attention, and it seemed like their minds never wandered [That was an English joke]. I have been working through certification classes quite well, thank you, except for the mid-term I took today. Wow. You think I would have done a little more planning for that one. Yikes.

The breathing is getting labored and I must insist that I go to bed. I've got a lot lined up for you tomorrow, you see, and I wouldn't want you blabbering on tonight whilst you waste away for the excitement tomorrow. In case you were wondering, I'm going out to breakfast tomorrow and then to a home and garden show. I am not sure that I ever expected suburban life to look like this and yet, it does.

Peace to all and to all a good night. If Becky Imboden is reading this, wow, you are committed.