Heaven knows I'm miserable now


And don't think I won't catch you, either.


Not a whole lot else is new. I scheduled to have an interview with the associate dean and the provost in a few weeks in regards to teaching FWS in the fall. That would be really cool and I'm stoked that it might happen.

I am pretty bored right now. Not sure what causes that, but I imagine that lack of intellectual stimulation is the main reason we don't speak Latin now. I just yawned. Now I'm even boring myself. I wish I could just leave my body and go swimming or something and then come back and rejoin myself in an hour or so. Speaking of which, I did finish Palahniuk's Rant recently. Great read. I want to see it in a movie but will probably have to wait at least until Choke comes out.

Go team.


Blame it on the Tetons

Things suck right now. I can't really go into details yet but it does involve losing a best friend. That sucks.

We did go to the Arcade Fire's Neon Bible concert last Wednesday. It was phenomenal. They started their concert with this video. It was great.