Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy?

I have the Gnarls Barkley song stuck in my head. So it goes.

I'm reading more Dave Eggers. I really like him. I'm reading AHWSG, his memoirs about raising his brother after his parents die within 5 months of each other. He has such a refreshing style to his writing and it's nice to be talked to as an equal while reading. I also have a Ian McEwan book that I should start because his prose is beautiful, just beautiful, and I wish I could write like that.

I am planning my last two classes right now. It looks like I might get to take some Christian Ethics class on terrorism, or might have to, I guess. If I want to be done in December, it looks like I'll get to take something like that. And then a Sumner class to finish it all off. I wish this school had more options available, because it's a little lame that I have to take something that I'm not really interested in to finish. I have to waste electives on classes I'd elect not to take if given the chance. Fight everyone.

Saw M:I:III today. I hate the title and I hate the font in the movie that transitions the viewer from location to location. It was miserable. The movie was okay, but Tom Cruise is crazy. And I have it on good rumor that he might be gay. Like I care.

I hope to love the sensual.



While we were staying with Danielle's folks in the hotel room, everyone was asleep and I couldn't get comfortable. Then I noticed how incredibly warm I was. No matter what I did, take off my shirt, go outside for a few minutes, fan myself, I couldn't cool down at all. Eventually, I calmed down and decided to put in earplugs because her dad is a notoriously loud snorer and there were some partiers across the street. (By the way, the next morning I saw the testicles of one of those partiers as he burst out the door holding them out for his friends to see.)

After I put the earplugs in, I remembered why I hate them. All I can hear and feel is my heart beating, and that scares me, like it's one of those things I shouldn't think about or else it will get self-conscious and quit under the pressure. And then I remembered that that's why I don't like being under water; I can hear the one thing that separates me from death and it's unsettling. It's not a fear of water, it's a fear of self.

I also had some other thoughts I thought would be profound in the morning but it never works out that way. Everything seems clear and vague at the same time when you are falling asleep and if there were some way to record those thoughts, it would be the most pure poetry and art ever created. Let's get onto that project, okay eggheads?

The taste of love is sweet, when hearts like ours meet

Here we go.

My parents in law just left this morning to return to AZ. It was nice having them out here. Stephen is staying with us this weekend and I can honestly say I just don't get his relationship. Everyday he spends about an hour fighting with her on the phone and it just doesn't seem enjoyable. But it's what he wants. So do we discourage the relationship? How do you convince someone that life is better than what they are accepting? I just point and laugh and hope that someone will do the same for me.

Pablo Honey came in the mail. Still haven't listened to it. And I did start reading Interview with the Vampire. It's an interesting concept, but it hasn't enraptured me the same way Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt did.

Time to not learn.


But who would wanna be, who would wanna be, such a control freak

In Church and Society we are discussing how patriotic Christians should be. I wish I could have discussions like this all the time. It is a massively dividing issue, but somehow, we have only gotten a little emotional about it. There are so many issues tied to it (authority, identity, orderliness, etc.) and we could spend all night talking about it. My wife would hate this discussion. There is no definite answer.

I just found out I got a 92% on my final. That's great. And it's official: I'm never studying for anything again. Unless it's important.

Time to review that final. Oooooo boy.


Yeah, I know he's a pretty good read...

I just bought a Bukowski book and thought about Modest Mouse. And I've been reading a book about Radiohead and have been loving it. So I bought Pablo Honey. Which I don't think I've ever heard all of. When they come to LA, I'm buying tickets even if I have to sell my child.

We are talking about Xian ethics right now. I think. It's horribly boring and I want to hit something just to prove my point. So I'm gonna take this bag of puppies, gonna set it out to freeze.

We're looking at a stereo system for our house right now. I am way too impulsive to make a decision like that. I wonder at what point does a person become incapable of making their own mind up? I spent a few days researching what bike to buy, then ended up buying one at WalMart for 100 bucks. But I never use it. So even though I spent time thinking about it, it was just whether or not I wanted a specific model, not whether or not I need it. My question is this: where is that voice of reason when I'm decided on the relevance of a product? I think it sold out. And the devil was ebay.

I'm still writing my paper on whether or not "In God We Trust" belongs on U.S. currency. I started out with a strong no, but now I think I'm drifting towards, meh, leave it. Is the idealist dying? Or is the idealist meeting the realist? I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Time to learn. Or look at myspace.