Does that make me a stranger?

It struck me today that there are several things that either make you a genius or very truly crazy and the line is very thin:

1. Creating an alter ego. This can be seen in musicians, actors, writers, et al, but can also be found in the guy on the corner telling you that he is either Superman, Jesus Christ, or a grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Growing a beard and not caring about your appearance. Again, either you have rejected society's standards or society has rejected yours.

3. Writing poetry. Writing poetry well makes you a genius. Writing poetry poorly makes you a lifeless ingenue.

4. People who commit suicide. If you kill yourself for art, you are a troubled genius who saw this life as the sham it was. If you kill yourself for a religion, girlfriend, or just happened to be experimenting with some weird choking fetish, you are crazy.

5. Being a politician. Either you are absolutely infatuated with humankind and its improvement or you are a megalomaniacal narcissist who will try to kill us all.

6. Speaking several languages. People who can speak and study in several languages are brilliant, but people who speak in several languages to no one in particular are crazy.

So far, this is it. First the good news: if you aren't one of these people, you aren't crazy. Bad news? If you aren't one of these people, you aren't a genius.


Don't have to live like a refugee

Finally, someone is addressing the real issues.


Un deux trois, de mirroire noir

Update from the land of Nod:

Almost done with my EMT class.  So far, so good:  no one dead.  My A&P class is going well too, but I can't kill anyone online.

Toby keeps getting into the trash.  He used to jump up and grab the bag and pull it down.  I filled the bottom of it with at least 40 pounds of rock.  Now he just grabs onto the bag and shreds any part of it that is hanging over the edge.  I'm going to electrify it next and see if he likes that.  Also, I'm going to develop a way to electrify plastic.

I'm thinking about getting my pilot's license.  And by thinking about it, I mean watching a show on jets.

Lots going on in the news.  My Apple stock is back to what I bought it at.  Makes me want to buy more.  Which I would, if I weren't saddled with thousands of dollars of debt for education/a house/your mom.  She's an expensive one.

Well, kiss my grits.


Band montaaaaaggggggeeee!!!

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Giggled a lot at this 'un. See minute 1:51 for my favorite part.