All things change

It's official. Summer is over. Within the next week I have to do a ton of stuff at work and then go to Mexico for our August trip. We'll see.

I'm starting to think seriously about teaching. But I really want to be pulled into it. I don't know what that means though, so maybe I already am. Someday later I'll do a bar graph with pros and cons and stuff.

Church was good today. I talked with Gordon Coulter earlier in the week and it was a great discussion. We talked about school, life, and marriage. He said that we (Danielle and I) needed to make sure we spend deliberate time with one another to recharge. He also asked me about church. I told him what I thought and why we weren't going. I said that I had gone to the old people service at Grace Church of Glendora and felt God. He said (paraphrase) that the current church movements need to make sure that all generations are being ministered to, and that the "gray hairs" have a lot of wisdom and council to offer the twenty and thirtysomethings that don't like traditional church. He said other stuff, too, but that stuck out this Sunday.

I went to the old person service again and I liked it. It's funny. We sang three or four hymns (not all were hymns, but they were all from the hymnal), heard a little girl sing a song, listened to the pastor speak, and then left. All in an hour.

I don't know what our future is with the church, but Gordon encouraged me to find a place where we can minister to others and be ministered to, whatever that looks like for us. He said we are already being stimulated intellectually (yup) but still need other things. Touche.

All that to say, a busy week awaits and I hope I survive. Peace.


Get that dirt off your shoulder

I just stumbled upon an article that enunciates a response to critics of emergent and postmodern movements within the church. It's interesting because I don't know how much of the movement I can cling to, only that this movement seems to have tremendous potential in transforming the church and the world.

My faith is this: I have doubts about my faith because, at times, it seems silly. I believe God is God and I am not. I believe the world would be different if we acted like Christ. I believe God is bigger than dogma. I believe the love He talks about with me.


Peace to all.


You don't know what it's like to love somebody

It is July 14. That's a lot.

Danielle and I went to the Billy Corgan show last night. It was rad. There was an opener for him called Doris Henson and they had a pretty good set. Their lead singer looked like Justin Anderson. But Billy's show was incredible. I really don't think his new album is all that great, but there was so much energy he had and he had a great stage presence. As soon as the Pumpkins get back together (http://www.zwanmusic.org/newsarchive/381.html) Danielle and I will go to that show too.

By the way, I have Coldplay tickets for their shows in August in Irvine. If interested, please email me. I think we might end up going to one of them but who knows.

I had lunch today with Mike Devries. He's a great guy and a good thinker. He's spent a lot of time being kicked in the nuts by the church but I have a feeling that by now he's getting used to it. And if not, it seems his skin will thicken soon. I truly don't think he's saying anything heretical, but no one likes to change.

I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be. I like the idea of teaching (high school) but that means more schooling and more time. And I like the masters I'm pursuing now, but I'm not sure what to do with it.

And I feel fed up with work. Several decisions (and decision makers) have been difficult lately there and the struggles that exist in any organization are starting to bother me. Last night Danielle and I were talking and I decided that I'll leave MO in spring after she passes her licensure. But who knows if that will happen. I'm not sure if I just need to know the end is in sight or if I truly intend to leave.

God is in my life, but to what degree, I don't know. May I decrease and may He increase. That is my faith now. That is all the faith I own.


I believe you but my tommy gun don't

I'm back from a long Mexico trip. And I'm leaving right now another Mexico trip.

My ministry is my job. My job is my ministry. And within a job, sometimes you do things that you wouldn't do if you weren't getting paid for it. My job is my job. And sometimes I do things that I don't want to do even though I'm getting paid for it. Is that indentured ministry?

Peace to all. Wisdom to those who need it.