Dance hall dance hall dance all night

I've watched a few movies in the past few days, and here is my very educated opinion on them:

1) Closer - starring Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, and some English dude: Boring and uninvolving.

2) Supersize Me - starring Morgan Spurlock: OK premise, boring.

3) Sideways - Starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church: Boring and pretentious.

In conclusion, I have missed nothing by avoiding movies from 2004. Thank you.


And I could use a vacation myself

Speaking of which, we are back from CO. Becky is married now and I talked with her on the phone this morning about her gifts that she was still trying to get back to CA. I wanted to talk to her for a while about that but thought it would be selfish. I mean, even though I wanted to talk to her didn't mean she wanted to talk to me. So I politely answered her questions and then hung up. I hope she has fun on her honeymoon.

Work is slow. I have about 30 projects that are on-going that I can't seem to move too far ahead with. Errrg. Maybe tomorrow I'll start out the day with a swift kick to the nuts. Yum.

Stephen and Jessica are still broken up. I think. They were this weekend and I know it was hard for them. I hope they do what's right.

Me? Oh I'm fine. I finished my class tonight and just have a paper to finish by Friday. If you have any thoughts on Matthew 6:25-34, just let me know. And I'll ignore them because that's not part of the assignment. Sorry.



The test begins . . . . now

I'm leaving to CO on Wednesday. That being said, I'm not ready for it. And I've been having a lot of odd thoughts lately. I consider myself a follower of Christ, but I don't seem to live that way. Or at least I don't seem to live the way I think that means. And I have a lot of doubts (mostly relating to either skepticism or relativism) and I just don't know what a relationship with Jesus Christ means. He is a man yet God; living yet He died; and all this other stuff. I have a hard time maintaining relationships with human I see every day and can interact with.

And I want so badly to know Him like that. I can't even imagine what that would be like. To know Him like a real person? To be able to describe Him like he was a best friend? To know how He would answer a question or what would make him laugh? To say, "I wish Jesus were here. He'd love this." And I know he doesn't work like that, it's just I feel like I have such a limited knowledge of Him. It's like I have talked with a lot of people who love him but never so much that they'd leave everything to find Him (though I think some of them have settled that debate in their mind) and I've seen Him around in a few places but it seems silly to only go to those places to find him. He's everywhere.

So it must be me that is missing Him, not the other way around. Which is a great thing for someone with a low self-esteem. Good times. And I want to DO something to make myself notice Him but that seems ridiculous too. I don't know what to do or where to be or what should change. Have I drowned out the voice of God with my life? Yech, I don't like the taste of that one. Yikes.

Becky's getting married. Go Becky.

Peace in the east. Seacrest out.


Welcome to paradise

So the wife and I are looking at buying a house. There are SO many factors to look at, from location to market to where we are now. It's just a real kick in the head. So that's eating up my time like a hostage at a buffet. The other night I think I woke up five or six times and looked at the clock in a panic. I'm not sure how that relates to house purchasing (or what I thought I could solve before 4 in the morning), but it was after we initially talked about it so I'm blaming that.

Not a lot else is new. I'm trying to figure out what to write my paper on for my class, and you'd think I could find something in the Bible worth thinking about. It just feels distant. Who knows?

Death to smoochy.