We're fated to pretend...

It is without irony that I announce my week's wrap-up. These are the bits of minutiae that have saved my life, more than once some of them. In no particular order, here is:

1. The reason voting doesn't matter. Stephen sent me a link to this excellent video which illustrates our small size in the universe, relative to some of the biggest stars in our neighborhood.

2. Obama's acceptance speech. Even the fine Pat Buchanan heaped praise on this beaut:

3. Stephen finished his first week actually out on the streets. He has a blog which you can find here. He's a good boy.

4. We jumped the fence last night and swam in our neighbor's pool. The house is for sale and you can buy it here if you want.

Well, that's all for now.

P.S. means post-script.


He hung himself with a guitar string...

Enclosed find a link to an awesome article on locavores, or people who insist that all food should be grown and consumed locally. It's a long 'un, but worth the read. His overarching argument is that it is unreasonable to 1) assume all regions of the U.S. can grow some (if any!) edible fruits/vegetables and 2) assume that economically, socially, or environmentally the task of localizing food growth is preferred.

To me, the concept has always reeked of flaws. I, and 2 million of my closest friends, live in the middle of a desert. It's going to take water to grow my food. I don't have that water. California does. How about they grow my strawberries and ship them here? That sounds delicious!

And while we're at it, I'll take my cows cloned, too...


It's true we name our children after towns we've never been to

Enclosed please find a link to a local report about an explosion at my high school where I'm currently employed. It should be noted that they neglected any mention of the brilliant, thought-provoking, and mildly attractive English teacher who heard the boom and assumed it was a piece of plywood falling.


I wish it was Funday...

A shot of the majestic Red Lobster by Fiesta Mall. And the clouds looked cool.


Give me a high five!


Stuck in the middle with you

Stephen oathing it in the middle. Mom's shoulder/neck/head to the right. Random shoulder to the left.


Don't you know that I love you...

Great article enclosed about 5 Scientific Theories that will blow your mind. I especially like number 1. It makes me feel small, which is nice, because I've been eating a lot this week →


There she goes (there she goes)

In honor of Stephen graduating from the police academy next week, here is a list of the eight greatest things he has ever said.

1. Yeah, I'll give you dime to do that.

2. It's both. Time exists internally and externally.

3. Screw Jerusalem.

4. Thick like can of Pepsi.

5. Herbie loves me.

6. I am a Mexican hero!

7. Pew, pew, pew.

8. Ha, ha, ha! (This came after a chair broke underneath me sitting on it.)