A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle

Well, I've just finished reading U2 by U2. Good book. Made me remember how much I liked U2. And good lord, can someone turn down the heat in this room? My face is melting off. It's oppressively hot in this room and makes me feel like I'm in the devil's butthole, which, sadly enough, would not be the first time I've been here.

I'm in CA now, getting ready to load up the car with stuff to take back to AZ. Just sitting. Waiting. And wearing a Fayetteville Parks and Rec shirt I bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It is orange, and fits me pretty well. I wish it didn't have a slight white paint mark on the left sleeve, but it works out in the end.

Seriously, it's hot in here.

For the past few nights, before I fall asleep these Bright Eyes lyrics run through my head: "There is no truth. There is only you. And what you make the truth." I haven't figured out yet if there is any truth to that statement (ignore the irony) but it certainly is something to keep an honest man looking for a lie.

It is really warm in here.

I haven't yet figured out yet if that maxim cancels itself out. I don't know that it can, but so what if it did? I'm just saying, day to day life seems a little pointless when one is wrestling questions like that, and yet all we have is day to day life. Odd, no?

Time to watch the end of Survivor. I hear the Chinaman gets voted out!


You have changed but I still feel the same...

Here is a note from a student who failed to turn in her bellwork on Friday (the work we do for the first five minutes of class):

"I don't have my bellwork becaus I forgot my notebook at home and my brother was hitting me on my head and you should feel sorry for me. So Im sorry"