...to find my mother in a garbage bin...

Enclosed please find the actual text of an email my dear mother sent unsolicited to "you kids." Phrases to look out for: "..actually smells better than it did," "Not sure how it will grow out," and "Love, Mom" (Again: No one requested this information.)

from: Linda Schoon (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com)

to: Michael (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com), Rebecca Bradley (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com), Stephen Schoon (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com), Danielle (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com), Adam Bradley (xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com)

date: Tue, Jun 30 2009 at 5:26 pm

subject: thumb injury update - caution graphic materials

The nail came off yesterday and this is what was underneath. It actually smells better than it did the day before, but it looks pretty gross as you can see. Not sure how it will grow out.