Get up and die if you wanna

Today was a rough day at work. Not a lot of work was actually done, due mostly in part to my lack of concern for work getting done. I didn't get too excited about anything and, as a result, didn't do a whole lot of anything.

Apathy is dumb. But it works. At least when you don't want to get anything done.

In other news, we didn't go to church yesterday. Which isn't that much of a surprise to me, but maybe it's news for someone.

"I missed you the other day," God said.

"Really? I didn't think you noticed!" I said.

"Of course I did. I saved you a seat near the back so you couuld leave early and not talk to anyone," He said.

"I really appreciate that. You're okay, God." I said.

"Of course I am," He said.

"Can I ask you something? It might be a little elemental, but I'm confused about it, still," I said.

"Go ahead," He said.

"Why should I go to church? I know that it's where the Body of Christ lives and that we have to surround ourselves with 'believers' and that a coal away from a fire burns out, but it seems like those are weird reasons to go hear someone else's idea about You and sing songs. You know what I mean?" I asked.

"Yup. Sure do. I actually don't prefer those kind of churches Myself," He said.

"You don't?" I asked. (I didn't believe Him at this point, because I'm pretty sure that He's a lot more ironic than I give Him credit for.)

"Nope. I prefer churches that worship Me and remember Me and have fun together and live life together and share their thoughts together and grow closer to Me together. People have really tried to turn it into a formula, you know, one song intro, pastor greeting, three songs, pastor talk, one song close while offering is passed around, and blah, blah, blah. True spirituality is a lot more than a building and some songs. It can be found in those places but it doesn't end there. True spirituality and relationship is built through people. Real life people."

"So what you're saying is: I can go hang out with people instead of going to a building on Sunday mornings," I said.

"No, I'm saying that Christianity functions best through people. People who desire nothing more than to love each other and Me," He said. "And besides, it's not like you're doing that anyway. You sit on your butt on Sunday mornings and watch TV and do chores. All of which are fine. But where's your community?"

"Uhhh, Xbox Live? I mean, at any given moment there are thousands of people playing at any moment," I said.

"Riiight. The point of Xbox Live is not to glorify Christ, though. That should be the point of the church," God said.

"I knew it! But what about the churches who are caught up in other things, political agendas, money, programs, etc. How can I support those things?" I asked.

"You can't. You shouldn't have to. But you have to admit that any institution that humankind has gotten hands on has been screwed up somehow. Why should the church be any different?" He asked.


"I know. And believe Me, it's been like that for a while. The world is far from perfect and it's only by grace that The Church does anything good at all. Yeah, people screw up a lot. But that's not where my desire is. And someday things will be better," He said.

"And if things are going to be better later, why should I try now? Church will always be church and why should I commit my life to a fallen institution?" I asked.

"Because it's better than what you have now. I didn't design this place so you could be alone. Yes, you and I have good times alone, but you can't just expect to grow closer to me only through that. You are a complex being (kinda like Me) and you need to have people around you who both help you grow closer to me and that you can love. I am the Trinity and though we don't need each other like you need people (it's because I'm wholly perfect in Myself), we are an example of community. And most people believe that I created humanity with the hopes that I could have community for eternity. Yes, I gave you all free will and that meant I might get rejected sometimes (and I have, but don't worry about Me, I'm wholly perfect and can stand rejection) but I really like all of you and want you all to know Me really well and Me to know you really well. And for the most part, that knowing Me comes in community," He said.

"But I already have work mates and school friends and family that I can see You in . . ." I countered.

"Yup. And I didn't say church had to happen on Sundays with people you didn't know. But it needs to be a little more intentional than a chance passing on a Thursday morning. Don't get me wrong, I'm in those moments, too. But I still want to see you with other people who love me in an intentional setting that focuses on furthering My message of love," He said.

"All right. I still have more to ask you but I'm sure it can wait. Maybe I'll see you sometime soon. Time to go back to class," I said.

"See you there! Or you won't!" He said. Then He giggled and walked away. I swear, sometimes His irony is too rich for my blood. But He is still is the best thing that ever happened to humankind, so what can you do?

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